Internet Explorer
  1. Open Internet Explorer, select the Tools button , and then select Internet options.
2. On the Privacy tab, under Pop-up Blocker, select or clear the Turn on Pop-up Blocker check box, and then select OK.
Microsoft Edge
  1. Open Microsoft Edge. 2. In the upper-right corner of the screen, click the "..." icon.
3. At the bottom of the Settings and more menu, select Settings.
4. On the left side of the screen, select Site permissions.
5. Under the Site permissions section, click the box labeled Pop-ups and redirects.
6. On the Site permissions / Pop-ups and redirects screen, use the toggle switch to allow or block pop-ups.
Google Chrome
  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
2. At the top right, click More Settings.
3. At the bottom, click Advanced.
4. Under "Privacy and security," click Content settings.
5. Click Popups.
6. At the top, turn the setting to Allowed.
Mozilla Firefox
  1. Click the menu button and choose Options.
2. Select the Privacy & Security panel.
3. Under the Permissions section, uncheck the box next to Block pop-up windows to disable the pop-up blocker altogether.
Apple Safari
  1. From the Safari menu, choose Preferences... and click the Security tab.
2. Ensure the Block pop-up windows option is not checked. Unchecking this option will allow pop-ups.